About BSP

The Baltic Sea Project is an international network among schools for a better environment in the Baltic catchment area. The countries bordering on the Baltic share many environmental problems, one of which is the pollution of the Baltic Sea. These problems can only be solved by cooperation among those countries, which have different languages, cultures, habits, traditions and technical standards. In attempting to solve the environmental problems, education is one of the key factors. The Baltic Sea Project (BSP) has therefore initiated cooperation among schools in all the countries around the Baltic. Today, some 200 schools are active in the BSP. Most are secondary schools situated on the Baltic coast, but the number of inland schools from the entire catchment area is increasing. In many schools, the BSP has been organized as a joint effort including many subjects.

Water quality in the Baltic Sea

The condition of the sea is primarily determined by investigating the living organisms in the water and sediment.

Programme coordinator
Ms Liesma Abolina
E-mail: liesma.abolina(at)inbox.lv


Programme is closed for updating. More information from international coordinator Kersti Sõgel (kersti.sogel(at)teec.ee).

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BSP Coast Watch

Detailed information: http://www.b-s-p.org/home/programmes/coast_watch/

Coastwatch BSP is a programm to study animals, plants and aspects of human impacts on the seashore. The program is suitable for all ages of students.

Programme coordinator
Mr Peter Uhl Pedersen
Birkevang 303,
3250 Gilleleje,

E-mail: peter.uhl.pedersen(at)skolekom.dk

Air Quality

Estimation of air quality by bioindicators. In the air quality studies fir-trees and lichens are used as Bioindicators.

Programme coordinator
Ms Beata Wegrzynek, Ph.D
Silesian University
ul. Wierzobowa 10/10
PL-42-500 Bedzin

Tel: +48 32 200 94 48 Fax: +48 32 255 58 73

E-mail: bwegrzyn(at)us.edu.pl

Phenological studies

Pupils study the first sign of spring.

Programme coordinator
Mr Vytautas Eidėjus
Directorate of Gražutė regional park
Laisvoji aikštė 14
32216 Salakas

Tel: +370 60012941 Fax: +370 38559425

E-mail: vytautas(at)grazute.lt

Bird Ecology

- Long-term monitoring the abundance of breeding birds
- A count of waterbirds washed ashore and
- A count of Midwinter waterbirds.

Programme coordinator
Mr Andrzej Sliwinski
LO im. T. Kosciuszki
Maria Konopnicka str. 2,
PL-32-200 Miechow

Tel.: +48-41 3831035

E-mail: andrewsl(at)wp.pl